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Green influencers





Energy Savings Trust_standby


Clare Archer writes:


To mark Energy Savings Week, which finished yesterday, the Energy Saving Trust commissioned us to research the role of word of mouth and community in promoting ideas about saving energy. Our research showed a strong correlation between people who were informed about ‘green ideas’ and their level of connectedness to other people in their communities – creating a kind of virtuous circle. From this we developed a index – working in conjunction with another consultancy, Wildfire – which allows any individual to calculate the power they have to influence others to save energy, on a scale of 1 to 100, by answering a few simple questions. The EST has shifted its strategy to focus on the power of communities to influence change.


There’s coverage in a number of publications – for example in Metro and Marketing Week.

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Outing Dumbledore


Andrew Curry writes:

There’s a whole story here about fan culture and celebrities, and also what happens when authors don’t have to worry about what happens next. No sooner had J.K.Rowling mentioned at a reading in New York that Dumbledore was gay than the Dumbledore Pride site is selling the T-shirts – 7,000 before you can even get your wand out.

As Jason Kottke pointed out in his blog – the fan fiction floodgates are surely about to open. If Dumbledore, then who else?

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The future of civil society


Andrew Curry writes:

We’ve just finished an extensive project with Carnegie UK’s Commission of Inquiry into the Future of Civil Society in Britain and Ireland, looking out to 2025. We ran eleven workshops across the five jurisdictions, involving several hundred people, and we used the innovative causal layered analysis method to build the scenarios, to help us get to shifts in values. The reports are out soon, and we’ll blog more then.

For the moment the Commission’s chair Geoff Mulgan has written a piece on the findings in today’s Society Guardian. Too bad that our credit for running the process – and for the futures quotes – got lost on the sub-editors’ table.

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Signs of their times

Design Classics A-Z

Andrew Curry writes:

Great designs are of their moment – but they are also a vision of a future as well – future materials, future aesthetics, future lifestyles. Which is why I enjoyed finding this poster – a  history of the future in an A-Z of classic designs from the 20th century.

From Blue Ant Studio via the Core 77 blog.

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Modern evils

Michelle Singer writes:

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation has now closed its website questionnaire on the subject of ‘modern social evils’. It reports that 3,500 responses were submitted, and these are now being analysed prior to the publication of a report on the subject early next year.Over a century ago, Joseph Rowntree was concerned to address “the underlying causes of weakness or evil in the community, rather than remedying their more superficial manifestations”. Amongst these “great scourges of humanity”, he included war, slavery, intemperance, impurity, the opium traffic and gambling.


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Simple pleasures

Jo Phillips writes:

A shop in Soho (London) that I visited recently asks its customers “What is your luxury?” You are invited to chalk yours up on a huge blackboard alongside those of your predecessors.


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Service recovery in a time of service failure

Eleanor Cooksey writes:

Though it is hard to gauge the full impact of the postal strike on the economy, it is worth considering the response of different organisations. Whilst big businesses will have been able to avoid the worst as they have their own delivery methods, others appear to have used this as an opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to serving the customer.


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